Olga Glumcher




tel. +38 0632422980

Olga Glumcher is an artist, living in Kyiv, Ukraine, and working worldwide. From the age of 7 till the University she was studying at a private art school in Kyiv. In 2005, she got a Master’s Degree in graphic arts in the Kyiv Poligraphic Institute.

Her works were exhibited in Ukraine, Italy, France, Germany, USA, Taiwan, the UK, Georgia. In 2009, she was selected among participants of an international competition to exhibit for Miami Art-Basel (off) MB II: The Fallout, Miami, USA. In 2014 and 2018, she became a finalist of the international competition "Art Revolution Taipei“, Taiwan

“Art for me is a way of discovering the world, myself and people. The search for a balance between meditation and hard work, which causes constant pleasure. I combine classical technic of painting with contemporary objects like gadgets and social networks. Using the past, understanding the present, making the future better”

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